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4 Ways to Stop Premature Ejaculation

4 Ways to Stop Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is a pretty common condition that affects 1 in 3 men worldwide. That being said, it is a condition where a man finishes or climaxes just under two minutes following penetrative sex.

It is believed that it originated from psychological factors, but later studies indicate that it can also be caused by health problems as well.

Being the most common sexual dysfunction in men, can you treat this condition? The good thing is that, yes, you can always do something to treat PE.

And on top of that, you do not necessarily need to take medications at all since there are a couple of techniques that can help you delay ejaculation without the need for Priligy or other medicines.

Below are just some of the ways that can help you stop premature ejaculation:

1.Psychological or Behavioral Therapy

One of the causes of premature ejaculation is a psychological problem. For instance, you might have experienced a traumatic event or perhaps you were conditioned in a way that you need to finish off too quickly to avoid getting caught.

Those things, when done early in life, may persist well into adulthood which can become a huge problem whenever you make love with your partner.

That is why you need to consider going to a psychologist to help you deal with these problems. For the most part, psychological and behavioral techniques can help you deal with PE.

2.Masturbating Before Sex

Now, you might be thinking that this is weird, considering that you are about to have sex. But, as simple and absurd this technique is (when done before penetrative sex), masturbating just before intercourse can actually help a lot.

The idea behind this technique is that a man can take advantage of what is known as the refractory period. Men know this- whenever you come off (either through masturbation or sexual intercourse), you will need a little bit of time to recuperate.That small window of time is known as the RP so if you are way too overexcited or you are way over stimulated, then you can try masturbating before sex (preferably an hour or two depending on the severity of your condition).

3.Use Topical Treatments

Part of the reason why men suffer from premature ejaculation is that their penises are way overstimulated by the sensation that they feel whenever they are inside their partner.

Using desensitizing creams, gels, and ointments can help in this regard. That is because these topical agents contain lidocaine (and sometimes prilocaine or both) to help numb your penis a little bit just so that it is not a victim of overstimulation.

Be wary of using these products, though, because there are cases that were reported that it can be passed on to the women, thus lowering the sensation that they feel in their vaginas.


Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) is an antidepressant that has the intended side effect of numbing the sensation. Medications such as Escitalopram or Paroxetine are drugs that are used to treat depression, but again, has the side effect of making you calmer than usual. This will allow you to have more control.

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