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5 Real-Life Examples of Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites

5 Real-Life Examples of Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites

Dating Advice

Are you looking for profitable affiliate marketing programs in Malaysia? You should look into the dating niche. This niche is highly lucrative, but also filled with plenty of spammy sites and scammers. These scammers are also designed to send more traffic to affiliate marketing offers.

DatingAdvice.com is a unique, clean and fun platform. It prides itself on providing expert advice, and answering genuine questions from users. If people want to enhance their dating skills, they can easily turn to this platform.

This Is Why I’m Broke

This is Why I’m Broke brings the vibe of a traditional affiliate marketing space. Several marketers love this platform, since it taps into the pop and internet culture. It appeals to an individual’s sense of fun, and leverages on consumer trends. Even online marketing professionals are having a difficult time not to click on those affiliate links. 


NerdWallet is a popular affiliate marketing website that has been around for quite a while. It performs well in a competitive market, and its web content is very useful. Are you looking for a review affiliate website for great financial products? NerdWallet can cover everything from mortgages to credit cards and insurance. 

Money Saving Expert

MoneySavingExpert.com helps personal bloggers and online business owners make better financial decisions. Consider it as a bit of financial education and advice. If you are looking for new investments, this platform can assist you make better financial choices.

The Wire Cutter

The Wire Cutter is a well-known affiliate website for consumer goods, electronics and other gadgets. It was founded by Brian Lam, who worked as an editorial director for Gizmodo. Basically, it is a the “Mythbusters” for gadgets. Since its humble beginners in 2011, it has grown into a top website that earned tons of praises.

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