5 Ways to Create Airy, Open Spaces in Your Home on a Budget
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5 Ways to Create Airy, Open Spaces in Your Home on a Budget

5 Ways to Create Airy, Open Spaces in Your Home on a Budget

  • Accent in neutrals. 

You would want to maintain that unique light touch in your home with details. You can do this by adding pretty earth tones and neutrals in your rugs, pillows and blankets. 

  • Implement tidy minimalism.

Cleaning and decluttering would make a big difference in your home interior design. Research on various cleaning hacks to begin. Do you want to execute a minimalist home design?  Then, cleaning around would be good first step towards this goal. 

  • Update your wall paint colors.

Are you looking for home renovation services in Malaysia? If you want to update your home’s wall colors, you can easily ask for the help of seasoned professionals to do the job well. Remember, paint makes a big positive difference, so make sure to pick the right colors. 

  • Let the sun shine in. 

So, how can you let the sun shine right inside your home? Well, if you have lots of large windows, then this would easy. Though, if you have small and less abundant windows, you need to do some adjustments. Cut out some drapery to let the light enter, where it can. 

  • Avoid using clunky furniture. 

Are you aiming for a vintage home interior design style? If you love shopping for huge vintage pieces, then you may want to step back a bit. Avoid these huge furniture pieces if you want to give your personal space an airier, brighter vibe. Just go with lighter, clean pieces. 

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