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5 Things Professional Gamblers Know and Do

5 Things Professional Gamblers Know and Do

Understand the Game and its Rules

Honestly, the game itself is not all that difficult relative to betting tactics, understanding the location of your table, etc. (more on later ones). That said, before you get into a real life or online casino game, you should know how Texas Hold’Em works. I encourage you to check out this good introduction to the rules and game play instead of doing so here at long last.

Know the Hand Rankings

Understanding which hand of cards wins is one of the things new players struggle with the most. It can get a little confused between pairs and straight and flushes. Link to the map below to get acquainted with the level of the paws. In many instances, the bowl will be carried by a pair of two sets. I’m not sure we’ve ever seen more than a full house in my house games; the hands above are extremely rare.

Study the Terms

Even if you’re interested in a casual game, learning poker’s vocabulary is significant. Below is a short glossary of terms that I found most common when playing:
Blinds: A forced bet, usually placed on the dealer’s left by the two players before any cards are dealt.
Button: A poker chip that indicates the location of the dealer at the table. It rotates every hand to the left.
Check: Not playing. This basically means you are “watching” to see what is being achieved by other teams.
Group Cards: This is not a word that is often used, but this is what is considered the five cards on the table “open” for the hand of each player.

Practice Good Table Etiquette

While it is definitely important to know the words and how to actually play, basic table etiquette is also something to keep in mind. It will help keep the game going at a decent clip (without these “rules” games can get pretty slow), so make sure you’re not doubted for taking as a newbie!

Know the Basics

Don’t play either side (if you don’t want). Any poker book you read, written by a pro, will tell you to play only the very best hands ever. Poker is a patience game, they write, so if you don’t get a high pair (aces, kings, queens, jacks, tens) or strongly suited cards (ace-king of the same suit, queen-jack of the same suit, etc.), you should just fold before you ever see the flop. It certainly makes a winning formula when you’re trying hard to make money, but when you’re playing for fun, it’s terribly boring.

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